Product Review – Hair Shine Spray

Tony&Guy Finishing hair shine spray – £7.14

Value for money: 3.5/5

Quantity: 5/5

Quality: 4/5

Smell: 4/5

Even after using what seems like half of the conditioner in one shower, sometimes your hair just doesn’t feel glamorous. If ever my hair feels dry, dull, or boring I just spritz in a bit on this hair shine, and my hair feels light, glossy, smooth and has a great peachy smell. Fantastic to create luscious locks, a must have for anyone who’s hair needs a little lift now and then.

DIY Facial Cleanser – Spot the Difference

‘Spot the Difference’

Tired of buying facial cleansers? Or maybe you feel like making one of your own? This combination of honey, oliver oil and lemon is a fantastic cleanser and will zap any spots as well. This reciepe was thanks to Beauty Masks and Scrubs, which you can buy from for only £3, here!

-150g white sugar

-1.5 tablespoons lemon juice

-1 tablespoon olive oil

-1 tablespoon manuka (or regular) honey

Mix all the ingredients together and put into a container. (I use empty jam jars.) To use, massage into wet skin and wash off with warm water. This mixture can be stored for several weeks in a fridge.

Time for a question.. Did you like this DIY face mask? Drop a comment below =)

Coloured Jeans


Coloured jeans are such a bold statement. With like the likes of Rihanna, Fergie, Cameron Diaz and Caroline Flack wearing brightly coloured jeans, I thought I’d do a post.

Blue, yellow, green, orange, there’s so many colours to choose from! I got orangy-pink jeans for chirstmas. After a bit of hesitation, I managed to work out a wearable outfit.

I teamed it with a plain white top, white plimsoles, a few chunky pastel bracelets from Claire’s, and light make up. It looks great, really casual and much more comfortable than my usual skin-tight skinnies.

So the coloured jeans rule is… If you opt for coloured jeans, don’t over power the outfit with hundreds of different colours thrown ontop, keep everything plain, to make your jeans stand out.

All New Look £15.99


Nail Foil Mission


Fed up with boring one coloured polished nails, I searched the web. After thousand of useless websites I came across nail foils.

They looked really funky. Hundreds of bright colourful rolls of sparkly foil, some with animal print, others weird pictures. But the website didn’t really explain what they were. A youtuber had put up a short video about how to apply them, and I quickly learnt what they’re like.

Once you’ve added the adhesive, (and it’s dry) simply cover your nail with the foil, and peel off whats left. You can get an amazing outcome and I think they are really quirky. I also found a website that does loads of different ones, and they’re so cheap! At only £2 for a meter and a half roll I thought I would share this fab site.

I’ve ordered some and will update the blog with some pictures and write the low down on what I think of them…

Into-Mind is a fantastic blog, with great creative DIY ideas 🙂 Its light, smart and I’ve made sure I’m following it. Make sure you do too. 🙂

into mind

Coconut Jewellery Holder
Did you know that coconuts make great storage units? They can easily be transformed into any sort of cup/tray/organiser to hold everything from make up or jewellery to paint brushes and candy. I actually got this idea from my boyfriend; I said I didn’t like coconut water and so he got  some whole coconuts to prove me wrong. I still don’t like the taste of them but I did get the idea of using the shell for a quick DIY project :).  I experimented a bit with different colours and techniques, and I prefer to decorate just the rim of the shell and leave the rest, I think the coconut skin (?)  looks pretty cool as it is. Here are two coconutty jewellery holders I made and now use to store bracelets/bigger rings and earrings. See below for a tutorial.

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Facial Cleansers

What are facial cleansers?

Think of facial cleansers as a bar of soap or body wash. They cleanse your skin, and get rid of any dirt. Because they are weaker and alot more suited to people’s facial skin, it is recommended you wash your face everyday with a good facial cleanser. (Never soap because it can be very harsh on your skin.)

There are lots hundreds of facial cleansers out there, all claiming to do different things. It can be frustrating not knowing whats best for you skin type, and also which is best value for money. I’ve tested a fair few facial cleansers, and come up with a facial cleansing guide.

Oily Skin – Your skin looks greasy and may often produce spots.

Recommended facial cleanser: Boot’s Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Foaming face wash, £.3.59

This face wash creates a light foam, so does not require any first hand physical contact. It contains Tea tree oil and witch hazel which are fantastic natural ingredients commonly known as great anti-inflammatories and are antibacterial.

My verdict: This is great for getting rid of greasy skin and I also noticed the improvement it had on spots. But be warned, it can leave the skin slightly dry, so add a light moisturizer to keep balanced moisture levels in your skin.


Problematic Skin – Whilst your skin isn’t greasy, you often get spots/zits or blackheads.

Recommended facial cleanser: Clearasil Ultra Rapid Action daily face scrub, £5.39

This face wash is thick, dotted with blue exfoliating granules. Its quite fragrant and leaves your skin feeling fresh and clean.

My verdict: I love this cleanser. Just gently rub the granules around your face and rinse off with warm water, and your skin will feel smooth and clean. After 3-4 weeks of constant use, 80% of spots were cleared, and skin looked healthy. A great cleanser, but will only fully work if you use it constantly.


Sensitive Skin – Your skin gets irritated by any harsh chemicals, and may become red and itchy.

Recommended facial cleanser: Simple Kind to skin purifying cleansing lotion, £3.25

This face wash is isn’t fragrance or coloured, and is a smooth cream. This cleaner is soothing, and gently cleans the skin so you won’t feel irritated or itchy.

My verdict: A very nice cleanser. Its light, smooth and doesn’t cause any irritation. After using the face wash, my skin felt fresh and plump, and it didn’t feel as though my skin had been stripped of its natural oils. A must have for anyone with sensitive skin.