A day in Pairs

I’m a bit obsessed with france at the moment and so I thought this post from gloucestergirl12 was perfect. 🙂


A day in Pairs!!!

Hollister Co mesh top
$30 – hollisterco.com

Abercrombie Fitch embroidery shirt
$25 – abercrombie.com

Abercrombie & Fitch cotton short shorts
$58 – abercrombie.com

Steve Madden t strap flat
$90 – heels.com

Coach bag

Melinda Maria rose gold jewelry
$68 – melindamaria.com

Hollister Co belt
$16 – hollisterco.com

Ray-Ban polarized aviator sunglasses
$190 – sunglasshut.com

Bobbi Brown – Blush
$24 – barneys.com

Moschino Cheap & Chic Paris Eiffel Tower T-shirt
£80 – harveynichols.com

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Neck Candy anyone?

I’ve found some retro necklaces from the very sweet online store RosieWonders. Even though these lovely little necklaces are prices at ÂŁ24, they are handmade, avalible in all sorts of colours and you can be sure they’re 100% original. They also sell beautiful greeting cards and cool arty prints.


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Guide to Fabulous Hair


Want glossy locks like Jennifer Anniston or Cheryl Cole without having to pay for a professional hair kit? I’ve got some great tips for glossy, healthy hair. Just follow the guide for your hair colour, and enjoy luscious locks.

Blonde hair:

Wash your hair with your usual shampoo and conditioner. When all the conditioner is thoroughly gone from your hair, rinse it with roughly a litre of camomile tea. As crazy as it sounds, by doing this your hair will feel light, glossy and will smell great. Don’t rinse out the tea, simply leave it in, blow drying if required.

Red or ginger hair:

Rose hip Tea is great for enhancing russet tones. Like with camomile (see above) rinse your hair with a cup of cold Rose hip tea for light but strong coloured hair.

Brown hair:

One small cup of coffee can add depth and shine for brunette or darker looking hair: Use left over cafetiere coffee or espresso if you cant get your hands on it. Let the coffee cool, then pour over your hair and leave in for ten minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

By eating a variety of nuts and drinking lots of water, your hair will stay strong and healthy -Its very good for your nails too!