Nail Foil Mission

If haven’t read already, I set myself a mission a few fridays ago (27th). I decided to try out nail foil, and ordered  a meter and a half of nail foil. And its arrived!


Appplication 2/5

I found it quite difficult to use sucessfully… It tells you to wait five minutes for the adhesive to dry, but I only seem to get a thin slither of the pink metallic pattern! A friend told me to wait only thirty seconds for the glue to dry, and then as soon as I had put the foil on, quickly rub out any creases and peel off straight away. Now the foil is alot better covering 95% of my nail!

Overall I rate the nail foil 7/10. Im a sucker for bold designs, and you don’t really get any bolder than refective pink. However it was really hard to apply and it only lasts a few days max. I rated it 7/10 because I just love the finshed result!


Fed up with boring one coloured polished nails, I searched the web. After thousand of useless websites I came across nail foils.

They looked really funky. Hundreds of bright colourful rolls of sparkly foil, some with animal print, others weird pictures. But the website didn’t really explain what they were. A youtuber had put up a short video about how to apply them, and I quickly learnt what they’re like.

Once you’ve added the adhesive, (and it’s dry) simply cover your nail with the foil, and peel off whats left. You can get an amazing outcome and I think they are really quirky. I also found a website that does loads of different ones, and they’re so cheap! At only £2 for a meter and a half roll I thought I would share this fab site.

I’ve ordered some and will update the blog with some pictures and write the low down on what I think of them…


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