Pretty in Pastels

If people could crush in colours I’d definately crush on pastels. They’re calm, colourful and so casual. So I’m very happy to just ramble on interest you with the new pastel collection by 17. 

You will need to apply a few thin layers to get the full effect, but the colour doesn’t look streaky or too diluted. They also dry very quickly and are very cheap (£2.99) to be precise.

17 Candy Collection

If you want to try out a pattern, there are quite a few great designs on a nail blog PolishYouPretty. I quite like this one personally.

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2 thoughts on “Pretty in Pastels

  1. I just bought that same blue, I love it! Elle magazine have a great feature on pastels this month if you’re interested, it’s not something I’ve ever really been into before but some of the looks this season are absolutely gorgeous – it’s being done in such a fresh way, and much more wearable than it has been in the past, I think. xxxx

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