DIY Honey Sugar Lip Scrub

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This is a simple, easy, and fast way to get lips soft and mosturized! Plus it only takes about 5 minutes to make.

What You Will Need:

A Small Container
Something to Stir Ingredients With
Vaseline/Lip Balm


First, take about 1-2 teaspoons of vaseline or lip balm depending on how you want the consistancy of the scrub to be. Then you want to take about 1-2 teaspoons of honey and mix it in with the vaseline or lip balm. When you have your vaseline/lip balm and honey mixture apply about 1-3 teaspoons of sugar depending on the sensitivity of your lips. The sugar will be the exfoliant. When you have mixed all of the ingredients there is your lip scrub! Enjoy!

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That Festival Feeling

With the weather finally heating up, its about time we all got out and fed our wardrobe with festival treasures! I’ve gathered a few of my favourite buys from the high street, Enjoy!

1. White Fluro Print Top, £14.99 New Look

2. Fab Lolly Necklace, £14.99 Truffle Shuffle

3. Studded Fringe Hobo Bag, $34.80 Forever 21

4. Floral Peeptoe Heels, Punkyfish £29.99

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Elf-ing Around

Have you heard of E.L.F yet? As in the amazing Online Make-up shops, delighting the nation with its large variety of products and at prices Primark can’t compete with? No? Well stop reading and head straight over. E.L.F (Eyes.Lips.Face) has to be my ultimate retail crush. I’ve brought so much from their, and the make-up is suprisingly good quality.


One of my favourites is 32pc eye palette. Its 32 dazzling eye shadows and eye shadow brush is only £6, worth possibly up to £50 in other stores around the UK. Another favourite is the shimmer eye pencil £1.50. Its got a lovely thick texture that will hold throughout the day. It also comes with a sharpener in the lid, which is really useful when your travelling. Black bandit seems to be a firm favourite when it comes to colour choice.


Two amazing buys are also ELF’s nail polish £1.50, and ELF’s Complete the look Palette only £16. there are exactly 44 nail varnish colours to choose from, in a range of tones and effects, and the Complete the Look Palette includes:

  • 60 Eyeshadow Colours
  • 20 Lip Colours
  • 3 Blushers
  • 2 Bronzers

All in all, ELF sells a range of products at low prices, and you’d be mad not to check them out!


Bralets – Hot or Not?


Wearing a skirt and a bra/crop top seems like a fashion faux pas, but many celebs have been papped wearing the odd combination. Katy Perry and Selena Gomez both wearing bralets. I can’t put my finger on whether these look cheap and unmodest or unique and snazzy!

I like Selena’s combination of patterns. The dusty shades of pink keep the outfit co-ordinated but the texture on the skirt is very different to the lacy floral design on her bralet.

So, what do you think? Is the bralet something you’ll be rocking out in this summer, or is the traditional lengthed top right for you?

Hot or Not?

A friends set up this blog, kind of like a sister blog to mine, its aimed at younger teens, but check it out xx

Tweenage Storm

If you aren’t the kind of person who wants to be all flash and glam or if you just want to be casual but at the same time feel comfortable in what you are wearing, then this will help you.

Here are two example’s of Emma Watson and her casual style:

Pic 1:                                                                  Pic 2:


Pic 1: A cool funky look that can’t go wrong. A light, camouflage non-sleeve top will make you look chilled out and gorgeous. Additionally, wearing denim shorts and black high boots. That will turn you into a groovy diva!

Pic 2: This summer look will blow everyone’s socks off when you walk past them with pride. Wearing a clean, white beautiful blouse, light frayed shorts (with a cool leopard print belt) and soft, grey plimsolls, no wonder it brought a smile to Emma’s face!

So if you like her style, do try a cool ‘n’ casual look from…

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Here Comes The Sun

With summer fast approaching, its best to stock up on all things hot to set the trend! Here are a few must haves trends wich will kick off this summer!

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The sunglasses!

With festival fever only a flower away, sunglasses are essential. Getting the right sunglasses can be tricky. Large lens glasses may make your face smaller and your face more bug faced. Small glasses can make your nose look longer and your eyes to unproportioned. Luckily, the current trend (Above) will suit almost any face shape.

With thick frames and a blocked bridge, they give off the perfect festival feel. Primark will be releasing a cheap range of floral glasses, and Accessorize have been selling quality floral sunnys for £16.


I’m stupid enough to just purchase some wintery shades, so make sure your stocking up on next seasons colour  – Candy Colours!
With shades like Mint Blue and Carousel Purple, they just feel like they sweeten up summer days. Revlon do purple shade for £6.49, or opt for something cheaper like Barry M’s Mint Ice Cream nail paint for just £2.99.

Make Up!

Yes, that right its time to get the bronzer out! With bronzers suddenly becoming girls best friend, its only fair that I post it in somewhere! When using bronzer make sure to lightly brush over the apples of yours cheeks and the bridge of your nose, giving yourself a healthy glow. Dont over do it though, looking like the cross between a wotsit and Edward Cullen is so unattractive and is 100% a pet hate.

My personal Favourite bronzer is by E.L.F, and costs only £2. Other popular bronzers include 17 Instant glow Bronzing Rocks, £4.99.