Elf-ing Around

Have you heard of E.L.F yet? As in the amazing Online Make-up shops, delighting the nation with its large variety of products and at prices Primark can’t compete with? No? Well stop reading and head straight over. E.L.F (Eyes.Lips.Face) has to be my ultimate retail crush. I’ve brought so much from their, and the make-up is suprisingly good quality.


One of my favourites is 32pc eye palette. Its 32 dazzling eye shadows and eye shadow brush is only £6, worth possibly up to £50 in other stores around the UK. Another favourite is the shimmer eye pencil £1.50. Its got a lovely thick texture that will hold throughout the day. It also comes with a sharpener in the lid, which is really useful when your travelling. Black bandit seems to be a firm favourite when it comes to colour choice.


Two amazing buys are also ELF’s nail polish £1.50, and ELF’s Complete the look Palette only £16. there are exactly 44 nail varnish colours to choose from, in a range of tones and effects, and the Complete the Look Palette includes:

  • 60 Eyeshadow Colours
  • 20 Lip Colours
  • 3 Blushers
  • 2 Bronzers

All in all, ELF sells a range of products at low prices, and you’d be mad not to check them out!



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