Stay ‘SuperDry’ this Winter!

Superdry seems to be a constant trend sweeping up and down the nation, with Celebs such as Rupert Grint, Zac Efron, Liam Paine, Amanda Seyfried,  Bradley Cooper and Justin Bieber, who sported the look the whole way through ‘Somebody To Love’.

The colourful designer brand will keep you kitted out during the harsh winter months and look trendy too. The clasic SuperDry traits are several zips, thumb holes and multipule colour choice. Pick up a light windcheater at £59 or splash out with some jackets priced at £144 and your ready for a stylish winter x

A small Apology..

A small post to say how sorry I am not for updating in such a long time, I know its a rubbish excuse but I really have been rushed off my feet! Not sure how often posts will be published, but I promise promse promise to go back to blogging more – Love you all loads and loads, Its so nice to know you’re still visiting the TeenageStorm xx