BB Creams… Which one to choose?

BB Creams have hit the shops, with many make-up brands designing their own. But with so many on the shelves, it can be hard to know which one is best, and at such a vast price range is expensive always better?

What Are BB Creams?

BB stands for Blemish Balm or Blemish Base but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a spot cream. They claim to give coverage, moisture, sun protection and some can improve skin, with even more benifits in certain creams. BB creams act like foundation and generally have the same consistancy, the advantages of using BB creams is that has a better coverage whilst benifiting your skin too!

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So – Which one..?

You can order free samples of a few BB creams online, which is a good way of deciding which one to buy. I’ve done exactly that and have found one that I have absoulety fallen in love with, and one that I hope never to see again.

Garnier’s ‘Miracle Skin Protector BB Cream’ £9.99

This cream was quite thick, and rich in colour – a sign that it covers well. As I applied it to my face I found it supprisingly oily, which left my skin feeling heavy. Although it covered blemishes well, it didn’t blend well and an obvious line marked where the cream stopped. The fragrance was quite relaxing, it reminded me of an essential oil and with its greasy texture thats what it reminded me of. Garnier claims 24hr hydration making the skin feel smoother, softer and supple. I’ll agree it made my skin smoother, although 12 hours later I broke out in spots – Not much of a miracle after all!

I’d rate this product 4/10. Because it covered well, but unless I was going to cover my whole face and not think about the after effect it wouldn’t be worth the money.

Olay’s ‘Total Effects Touch of Foundation BB Day Moisturiser’ £10.99

My sample wasn’t the correct shade, but with two shades to choose from in store I don’t think I’d have much luck anyway. Also fragranced this cream had a refreshing scent and a nice consistancy. It didn’t feel to oily or thick and when I applied it to my face I thought it blended quite well. Olay claims it ‘perfectly even your skin tone.’ Whilst it was good coverage with only two shades to pick it is near to impossible to get one that match my skintone!

I’d rate this product 6/10. Becauase it did what it said on the packet – add more shades and its a winner.

Maybelline’s ‘Dream Fresh BB Cream’ £7.99

I. LOVE. THIS. CREAM. Its fragrantless so didn’t alter my perfume. The cream felt absoulety weightless and blended into my skin very well. It covered any blemishes and left my skin feeling very smooth. It stayed on the whole day and was easy to take off in the evening. An absoulute winner for me and I’ve already brought a bottle!

I’d rate this 10000/10 and will be replacing my normal foundation!


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