Autumn Fashion Trends

With Autumn now upon us you’re probably wondering how and what to wear this fall. Follow this simple guide and be the fashion icon this year…


Knits have been trending for a while now, but this autumn they’re going to be bigger than ever before. Wear a baggy, thick knitted nude jumper over leggings and team with knitted uggs or ankle boots. To accessorize, keep very simple, with a small bronze ring with a pendant (Owl rings seem to be very popular and go well with this look) and statement metal earrings.


Its not a surprise to say that nude shades are back, with beige and bronze making a come back too. But unusually, sorbet colours are in too! With bold raspberry scarves and turquoise gloves hitting the high street, kill two stylish birds with one stone and go for knitted sorbet clothes this Autumn.

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Stay ‘SuperDry’ this Winter!

Superdry seems to be a constant trend sweeping up and down the nation, with Celebs such as Rupert Grint, Zac Efron, Liam Paine, Amanda Seyfried,  Bradley Cooper and Justin Bieber, who sported the look the whole way through ‘Somebody To Love’.

The colourful designer brand will keep you kitted out during the harsh winter months and look trendy too. The clasic SuperDry traits are several zips, thumb holes and multipule colour choice. Pick up a light windcheater at £59 or splash out with some jackets priced at £144 and your ready for a stylish winter x

That Festival Feeling

With the weather finally heating up, its about time we all got out and fed our wardrobe with festival treasures! I’ve gathered a few of my favourite buys from the high street, Enjoy!

1. White Fluro Print Top, £14.99 New Look

2. Fab Lolly Necklace, £14.99 Truffle Shuffle

3. Studded Fringe Hobo Bag, $34.80 Forever 21

4. Floral Peeptoe Heels, Punkyfish £29.99

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Here Comes The Sun

With summer fast approaching, its best to stock up on all things hot to set the trend! Here are a few must haves trends wich will kick off this summer!

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The sunglasses!

With festival fever only a flower away, sunglasses are essential. Getting the right sunglasses can be tricky. Large lens glasses may make your face smaller and your face more bug faced. Small glasses can make your nose look longer and your eyes to unproportioned. Luckily, the current trend (Above) will suit almost any face shape.

With thick frames and a blocked bridge, they give off the perfect festival feel. Primark will be releasing a cheap range of floral glasses, and Accessorize have been selling quality floral sunnys for £16.


I’m stupid enough to just purchase some wintery shades, so make sure your stocking up on next seasons colour  – Candy Colours!
With shades like Mint Blue and Carousel Purple, they just feel like they sweeten up summer days. Revlon do purple shade for £6.49, or opt for something cheaper like Barry M’s Mint Ice Cream nail paint for just £2.99.

Make Up!

Yes, that right its time to get the bronzer out! With bronzers suddenly becoming girls best friend, its only fair that I post it in somewhere! When using bronzer make sure to lightly brush over the apples of yours cheeks and the bridge of your nose, giving yourself a healthy glow. Dont over do it though, looking like the cross between a wotsit and Edward Cullen is so unattractive and is 100% a pet hate.

My personal Favourite bronzer is by E.L.F, and costs only £2. Other popular bronzers include 17 Instant glow Bronzing Rocks, £4.99.

All Hail To Queen Shamballa!

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Want the latest bracelet craze? Shamballa’s seem to be sweeping the nation, enticing buyers with their sparkly beads and eye-catching colours. They’re also very popular amongst celebrities, with the likes of Ameila Lily, Matt Smith and Justin Bieber all sporting the look, its only natural to want one or two. Or five.

The original platinum Shamballa braclet is VERY expensive, (I’ve seen some for £700) but luckly allloy ones have been produced,  and they’re only a fiver! There are loads of tantalising colours (above) but the most popular one in london is the light blue beaded one. You can also choose them by style. There’s the coloured sparkly ones, but also heavier black metal balls to add as well. Personally I prefer the glitter of the sparkly beads, but they are a little more expensive. (Roughly £2.59 for the one sparkly bead, £4 for the full bracelet.)

I got mine from a Ebay seller here. They shipped it quickly, I literaly got mine the next day :).

Hair: Fishtail


Celebrities such as Aubrey O’day, Fergie, Selina Gomez and Cheryl Cole are sporting the fabulous fishtail plait. There are different variations of the plait, but my favourite is defintely Aubrey O’Day (Left). They can be a bit tricky to get neat, and can take a while to do, but it has to be the coolest new hair do about! To get the look, Look Magazine have a How-To video.