Eye Shadow

Some of the most common mistakes when it comes down to make up is eye shadow. It can be pretty difficult knowing what eye shadow works suits you best and with so many colours being released into the shops, the whole thing can be a bit confusing. 

All these eye shadows can be brought from Barry M.

Got blue eyes?

If you have blue eyes, use taupe, gray, voilet, purple, deep blue, dark green or plum eye shadow.

Got Green eyes?

If you have green eyes, sandy, copper, brown and golden brown shades work amazingly. If you have dark green eyes choose deep purple shades.

Got Hazel Eyes?

When it comes to hazel, eyes its best to stick to shades as close to your eye colour as possible, this can be tricky because there are not many ‘hazel’ coloured eye shadow.

Got brown eyes?

If you’ve got brown eyes; tan, chocolate, amber and taupe shades work fantastically.

*Footnote!* I love Barry M’s eye shimmer collection, my favourite shade is burgandy-noir. What’s everyone’s favourite eye shadow/product? Leave a comment. x

Neck Candy anyone?

I’ve found some retro necklaces from the very sweet online store RosieWonders. Even though these lovely little necklaces are prices at £24, they are handmade, avalible in all sorts of colours and you can be sure they’re 100% original. They also sell beautiful greeting cards and cool arty prints.


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I’m really loving white lace at the moment, it seems so elegant and innocent, and its delicately floral, which is really feminine.

How to wear it:

White lace is quite delicate so to keep the look light and feminine, wear with pastel shades, and stick to minimal make up. Blue and pink pastel colours work well, but do not over exaggerate colour, this look should be kept pastel and minimal. If you purchase a crop top (see below) wear over pastel coloured vest.

New Look £7                 BooHoo.com £8        Debenhams £20