Foundation Tips

Foundation tips to keep you skin looking fresh all year long! These tips are extracted from Mizz Magazine, to read the full article buy Mizz magazine for £3.99. (Its the mizz featuring Jenifer Laurence, the date is March 15th – April 4th.) 🙂

If your foundation is on the heavy side, dampen your foundation sponge to give a more sheer layer of coverage

If you use a brush to apply foundation, a smidge of moituriser will thin out thick foundation. Mix on your hand, not into the bottle.

Clean your tools at lease once a week to keep them free of germs. Wash in warm warmer with a drop of mild shampoo, rinse thoroughly and then leave them to dry.

Take your time while choosing foundation, to make sure you get the correct shade for you. Blend testers on your jawline then check out the result, in natural light if possible. If it maches your skin tone, you have a winner!

Silk Purses

Just a quick post today what with it being Mothers Day and all.

Found a really nice website ‘EsiamCenter‘ where they sell very detailed Japanese purses. Quite a few have white elephants embroidered on the coloured silk and others have traditional Japanese blossom.  Unfortunately I cant upload any pictures because they are very strict about all that (Grumble). 

They’re roughly £10 so I’ve ordered one for a friends birthday, I choose the purple silk one with elephants – So cute!!

Pretty in Pastels

If people could crush in colours I’d definately crush on pastels. They’re calm, colourful and so casual. So I’m very happy to just ramble on interest you with the new pastel collection by 17. 

You will need to apply a few thin layers to get the full effect, but the colour doesn’t look streaky or too diluted. They also dry very quickly and are very cheap (£2.99) to be precise.

17 Candy Collection

If you want to try out a pattern, there are quite a few great designs on a nail blog PolishYouPretty. I quite like this one personally.

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Eye Shadow

Some of the most common mistakes when it comes down to make up is eye shadow. It can be pretty difficult knowing what eye shadow works suits you best and with so many colours being released into the shops, the whole thing can be a bit confusing. 

All these eye shadows can be brought from Barry M.

Got blue eyes?

If you have blue eyes, use taupe, gray, voilet, purple, deep blue, dark green or plum eye shadow.

Got Green eyes?

If you have green eyes, sandy, copper, brown and golden brown shades work amazingly. If you have dark green eyes choose deep purple shades.

Got Hazel Eyes?

When it comes to hazel, eyes its best to stick to shades as close to your eye colour as possible, this can be tricky because there are not many ‘hazel’ coloured eye shadow.

Got brown eyes?

If you’ve got brown eyes; tan, chocolate, amber and taupe shades work fantastically.

*Footnote!* I love Barry M’s eye shimmer collection, my favourite shade is burgandy-noir. What’s everyone’s favourite eye shadow/product? Leave a comment. x